Well, since this blog is mainly about my “Korean” trip, you might think, “Why are we reading about the things that happened before you got to Korea?” Let me tell you something, you’re gonna read it since I’m writing it. :] Har har

So it all started out at 6AM this morning. I only had roughly two and half hours of sleep, since I procrastinated with packing. Although I did wish I could have slept longer, I pulled myself up to get showered and other hygiene maintenance. My mom and I left the house at roughly 8AM, when half way to the airport, I remembered that I had forgotten my phone charger. So, we drove back, got the charger, then headed right towards the airport again. Fun!

I knew I would probably cry and so would my mother, so we did a super quick goodbye. She patted my head and said to take care, and I said okay. I waved then entered the security check point, and she stayed until I went through before she left to go home.

My flight to LAX, a connection flight before San Francisco, was quite amusing. Our flight attendant was male, and was super talkative. After the mundane, typical safety instructions that they always do, he said, “Thank you for paying attention to these safety instructions. And for those of you who didn’t, good luck to you.” I thought it was pretty funny. Another thing that happened on that flight was: seeing another plane! Have you ever seen another plane flying across while you’re high up in the air? I did today! I was like, “WTF is that really a plane? First time ever seeing another plane a few thousand feet above ground.”

I purposely chose this flight because the three-hour layover in Los Angeles! I was able to see a good friend (Linda) and a good unnie (Jenny Unnie) of mine. We ate lunch as they both bullied me. Apparently, when I’m bullied, I show signs of aegyo.

Jenny Unnie…gave a very interesting birthday present. I had previously asked for a kiss as a birthday present, so with that, she came with a bag of Hershey Kisses! NOT what I wanted, but okay, I’ll give her props for the clever gift. She also gave me a nice warm beanie/hat that I am supposed take a picture with it on and show the picture to her.

So, because of the long-ish goodbye, we were running 30 minutes behind schedule. Thanks to Linda’s amazing driving, we got to the airport at 3:20PM. My flight was at 3:40PM. And thank goodness to the little amount of people there, I was able to check in, and ran to the gate just in time. They were literally calling my name on the intercom by the time I get there.

After the short flight from Los Angeles, I landed in San Francisco. And thanks to my heavy almost-50-pound suitcases, I sprung my right pinky finger :[

When I got to my aunt’s house, my cousin took out an old picture of me. Check out how cute I was…and still am!

Well then, until next time! I will relax for tonight at my aunt’s house, then fly to Korea tomorrow morning!

- Jennie Pham