Plane Ride + First Night In Korea

This has got to be one of the one of the (physically) hardest day of my life. But first, let me tell you a cute little story about a guy and a girl.

So the girl is obviously me. Who is the guy? He is a graduate student at Sungkyunkwan University  and his name is Junhan. On my flight from San Francisco to Korea, I was seated in between two guys. One was a Korean guy, and the other was an Indian man.

So I figured since it would be a long trip, I tried to make friends with both of them. The Korean dude seemed very shy and unresponsive at first, so I talked to the Indian man first. However, he was quite awkward…and very smelly. I’m not sure if he hadn’t showered or what but… I could not stand talking to him.

The funny thing on the plane was that this flight attendant kept talking to me in Korean, while speaking English to the Korean guy next to me. So, I thought, “Maybe he isn’t Korean.” I asked him to find out. And that was how we began to talk.

I guess he became very interested after I told him about my study abroad trip. But, well let’s not get into too much details with what I talked with him about. We did talk quite a bit since it was a 13 hour flight and had …lots of free time. We exchanged phone numbers, and he invited me to go snowboarding with him. Very tempted, but we’ll have to see.

What was most amazing of him was that he helped me so much with the luggage. I had two huge suitcases, each weighing around 50 pounds, a huge backpack, and my purse. It was super frustrating trying to pull everything together with me.

After getting the suitcases, we actually got split because he was going up the escalator and there was no way I could have gone up with two huge suitcases with me. I thought that was going to be it, that he’d probably just go home. But! When I got wifi on my iTouch, I was able to Kakaotalk with him, and found out that he was still actually looking for me. o_o;;

Once again he helped me pulled the suitcases out to the bus stations, then helped me buy a bus ticket, and then told the bus driver where I needed to go. Such an amazing guy. Would you guys do the same thing for a girl you just met on the plane?

So after that we had to split up since he needed to go back to his University. I needed to transfer from bus to taxi after like…30 minutes. You seriously don’t know how frustrating, hard, and painful it was for me to drag those two ginormous suitcases with another backpack on. Horrible. Don’t ever try it.

When I got to the school and checked in, the girl at the office led me to my dorm. It’s not bad at all. The only thing? I could not find a place to put my two suitcases. I’ve stuffed them under my work desk…but it is quite uncomfortable. I was also lazy and tired so I didn’t really unpack everything…

After “unpacking,” I showered in the Korean restroom in our dorm room. It was nice, I suppose. It is only like midnight and I want to crash from the hectic day. But, I can’t. I haven’t even seen my roommate’s face yet. Wouldn’t it be weird if the first time she sees my face, it’s when I’m sleeping on my bed?

Well…orientation tomorrow! Good night Asia! Good morning America! Enjoy! :]

Jennie Pham

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