A maze and Amazed

A maze…is referring to my university, Hanyang University.

Today was orientation, and we had to walk around the campus a lot. The thing is…touring the campus without a map in hand is sort of not useful for me, especially when the campus is really much like a maze. There are parts that are blocked off and/or parts that are actually cliffs in a way. You have to know where to turn, because if you miss that turn, there is no other way you can get to where you want to be. Three rights do not make a left on this campus, it might lead you to a dead end. When the tour/orientation was over, and I had to walk back to my dorm, guess what! I was lost. It took an hour for me to get back to my dorm when the distance is sort like… walking from Jester to Kinsolving.

So during orientation, I met a few people. A guy from Sweden, a guy from France, a Korean student, but most interesting has to be my Japanese friend. She does not speak English at all. So when we communicate, it’s a bunch of broken Korean sentences. Sometimes I do pull out my one-semester knowledge of Japanese, but that usually doesn’t do much. It’s actually quite interesting if you watch us communicate. Lots of body language. LOTS.

I guess what amazed me was the things I saw at Emart (which is like…a big Walmart..BIG Walmart…SUPER SUPER Walmart). So in order to get a cart, you have to insert 100Won coin to unlock it from the chain. When you return the cart later, you will get the coin back. Funny thing is…all of the wheels turn, unlike in America, where only the front wheels do. And since this is a super super huge Walmart-like mart, there are more than one level. Have you ever pushed a grocery cart “upstairs”?

Well…in Emart, there are these flat “escalators” like the moving walkways at the airports. Under each wheel of the cart, there are actually magnets! So when the carts go onto these flat escalators, they’re pretty much stuck on there until they reach the end of the escalator. What’s cool is…you don’t have to push it, hold it from sliding backwards, hold it from sliding forward when you’re going down, etc. However, because it is stuck like glue? You cannot move it, at all. Sucks for you if you’re in a hurry, since you must wait until the escalator takes you there.

In Emart, there are also posters of Seohyun from the Faceshop ads. I kept staring at how pretty she looked on those posters. Hehe…

It’s only¬† 9:40, and I want to pass out. Not sure if it was the walking, or the cold weather, or both. But, I think I’m just going to call it a day tonight.

Good night Asia! Good morning America!

Jennie Pham

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