I Love My Girls

You may or may not know that yes, I indeed did go to the RP Association ceremony with Ms. Hannah Waitt, where Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun were appointed as their ambassadors.

This really began way back in the Summer of 2011, when I went on the Soshified Field Trip.

After the official part of the field trip was over, me and some friends stuck around in Korea for an extra 10 days. One of those friends happened to be Andrew (1.0), who happened to know Jangwon, a well connected ksone. To my surprise, we were somehow invited to meet Sooyoung’s dad. 

We met at a coffee shop where we talked a little bit about the RP Association. After a while, we sort of mentioned that we were hungry, and Mr. Choi immediately offered to buy us samkyupsal (bacon korean bbq). Although we courteously denied the offer a few times, he insisted on buying us food. So we went to a nearby restaurant to eat.

With some random seating fate, I was seated very close to Mr.Choi and the ksone, Jangwon. During the meal, I told them about my plan to come back this semester to study. Being the nice, kind person that he is, Jangwon told me to contact him if I ever needed any sort of help. Mr. Choi, too, said to me “let’s meet again.” I’m really a nobody, but they are both just very generous people.

So before I came to Korea, I asked Andrew for Jangwon’s email. I sent him an email saying that I was going to be in Korea starting in March, and that I was interested in going to Sunny’s musical. Instead of just telling me how to buy the tickets on my own, he offered to help me buy tickets for me and my friend, Hannah.

On that very day I went to see Sunny’s musical, Jangwon told me a very good news. He said that he had told Mr. Choi about me being in Korea this semester, and that Mr. Choi had invited me to the RP Association event. I jumped in joy hearing the news. My jump was so excited my phone fell out of my pocket and I looked like a crazy kid, but I didn’t care. Actually I was very sick that day, so I was not able to talk much…so I felt quite bad for not being able to express my gratitude.

Initially, Jangwon did not know the existence of Hannah, but on the way back to our schools, Hannah was able to click with Jangwon. He then, proposed to Mr.Choi to have Hannah make a speech as an American fan. We were both excited for what was to come.

Okay now…the juicy part. The actual event.

When we got to the nice fancy place that the RP association has rented out, Jangwon led us to see Mr.Choi. He seemed busy but still greeted us with a smile. And to my very surprise, he told us to seat alllllll the way at the front. We really…are just nobodies. Just two American fans who just happen to be in Korea. But he told us to sit at the special guests table with him, the convention chairman, and one of Mr. Choi’s right hand men, Mr. Shin.

In the beginning, they were introducing the presenters for the day. Once it was Hannah’s turn, Mr. Choi looked at me. And he was wondering why they didn’t call out my name. (It was because I wasn’t going to make a speech.) But he looked at the MC for a bit, and sort of had this “I’m sorry” expression on his face. Like seriously, there was no need for him to be sorry since I wasn’t going to do a presentation or anything. But I guess he felt like he should be even more accommodating, so he felt sorry. He’s too nice T_T.

We honestly, tried our best to figure out what was going on during the presentations, but our Korean was really lacking. So basically we didn’t understand a single thing, except for when Mr. Choi told us that it was time to eat, and that the girls would arrive after dinner.

Before the dinner start, I asked Mr.Choi, “Is your other daughter here?” I meant to ask about Soojin. But he responded, “Yes. Both of my daughters are here. Sooyoung is downstairs.” I wanted to run downstairs to see her, but since we were invited guests, I stayed classy.

The food was very…very delicious. There was sashimi <3, there was…some sort of duck, there was tempura fried shrimp, fruits, salad, and very healthy looking soup. Yes, very high class-like and delishhhh.

After dinner, the girls came in! One guy was having his presentation but because of the big commotion the girls were making by coming in, he simply put “Because Soshi are here, I will end my speech here,” and just sat down. Poor guy, really. There were soooo many reporters there and so many clicks were heard by their cameras.

My first impression. “Sooyoung is sooooooooo freakgen tall.” My second impression. “Taeyeon is sooooooooo short.” Because Taeyeon was next to Sooyoung. And then I looked over at my bias, Tiffany. She was so pretty, I could not keep my eyes off of her. Maknae looked pretty as always. And they all were as skinny as they could be.

It wasn’t my first time seeing them up close, but still, every single time I get to see them, whether it is in person, or just on my computer, I am still mesmerized by their beauty.

Stunning beauty aside, they looked completely tired. Well, at least the MuCore MCs. Sooyoung had been there earlier to eat with her family, so I think she was a bit fine. But Taeyeon looked exhausted. Her head was down most of the time, and she looked like she was being tortured to sit there. I felt so bad for them. Tiffany and Seohyun smiled but you can see that they were not that excited to be there. They probably had to rush to the ceremony right after MuCore.

So it was Hannah’s turn to make her speech. But for some reason, Sooyoung looked pissed off at something. She stood up and walked to the side to talk to some staff about, then sat back down. But her face was still pissed off looking to me. Taeng was still dead looking. Seohyun continued to smile like their nice innocent little girl that she is. And Tiffany looked like she was interested, probably since the speech was in English.

I honestly don’t know how they could sit there…really. Like there were so many cameras, taking like 50 shots per second of them. Flashes every where, it must have been blinding every single time they had to do something like that, and other similar events.

And the reporters are seriously…emotionless. One of them made the members of the RP association move from their seats, to be able to take pictures of the girls.

Then Hannah…LOL. Sang a line of Genie. And they all cracked up. Even Taeyeon, who was super tired, had to like cover her ahjuma laugh with her hand. It was very nice to see the change in their facial expressions. So yes, thank you Hannah for your amazing singing.

After Hannah was done with her speech, they all bowed lightly to her as she stepped down from the stage. Tiffany said good job in English.

Then after a while of talking, Sooyoung’s Dad presented them with the official document that stated that they were then official ambassadors for the RP Association. They took many pictures with the document closed, then opened, from the left, then to the right.

After Sooyoung made her speech for the group, they all tried to step down from the stage. But… unlike Tiffany, who was smart and wanted to go down the correct way…they chose to go down where there were no steps, only a giant 2 feet leap. Sooyoung made it fine. Taeyeon had some trouble but got down too. Seohyun made it okay too. Tiffany looked embarrassed since she went towards the opposite way down at first. After Seohyun got down safely, she quickly threw her hand out to help Tiffany get down from the stage.

Sooyoung and Taeyeon walked towards the exit. Then to both of our surprises, Tiffany found her way to our table. I was like a meter away from her. But of course she only looked at the white girl next to me T_T hehe. And she did the thumbs up and said “You did a good job!” to my friend. She is seriously so friendly. Then after that Seohyun did a slight bow to my friend too.

Once the girls left…the whole room was literally emptied within a couple of minutes. We thought there would be more but apparently not. So we went out to say bye to Mr.Choi and to thank him for inviting us.

It was very cute, but he said “See you again!” Hopefully I will see him again. :]

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