TTS Music Core!

So today, Hannah and I with our Korean sone friend went to Music Core! I had to wake up at 5AM because we were supposed to meet at 7AM at someplace about 45 minutes away from my dorm. So I only had like 4 hours of sleep. Chucked like 2 cans of coffee (and now drinking another one at 9PM).

At first the Korean sone said that we need a receipt of buying the song (Twinkle) on Melon, as well as setting our caller ringtone (the tone that people hear when they call your phone). First of all, we’re not Korean so… we can’t really register for Melon. (at least I don’t know how.) Second…our phones are rental phones and apparently the caller ringtone is not possible for us.

The order of the lining goes like this:

Registered Sones with both caller ringtone and receipt of the song, group 1.

Registered sones with either caller ringtone or receipt of the song, group 2.

Registered sone without anything, group 3.

Nobody/Foreign fans with both items, group 4.

Nobody with either item, group 5.

Nobody without anything, group 6.

So yes…we were in group 6. But we were SOO lucky to be able to get in. TTS were doing prerecording today so the prerecording room was like really small. So there was literally no space left for the “nobodies” but they fought hard to squeeze us inside. Like…I could barely see much since I am short T_T

Anyways first song was Twinkle! They wore the golden outfit (as you guys may know if you have already watched the performance.) Towards the end of the first recording, something was wrong with Taeyeon’s mic (?) and the set up so they had to redo it. During the time that the staff changed the light bulb (apparently one of it was out during the first shooting) Tiffany was like practicing her lines. ㅋㅋㅋ. So cute!

So (if you watched the performance) during the part that they walk thru the doors at the very beginning? They did that like twice lol. One time, they went out completely and then something happened. Then the second time (?) they like almost stepped out but then they had to go back in to redo it.

Anyways, this song was very quickly recorded and we were pushed out of the door for the other artist to record (?) or them changing the set up of the stage.

So we waited in line again for like an hour-ish, then went back in for the recording of Love Sick / 첨있었죠. Now this is what really MADE my experience at Music Core super memorable.

They made so many mistakes lol. But…that’s good for the fans because we can stay there and keep watching hahaha. I don’t really remember the order of the mistakes since it has been like 10 hours since it happened. So I will just say what I think is the order I really can’t remember haha.

Taeyeon was really tired looking today. She was sort of out of it I guess since they made the most mistakes >_< I’m pretty sure she was the first one to make a mistake. They were just singing and then all of the sudden I hear Taeyeon talking (couldn’t really hear what she said) and then they stopped the music. Then the stylists came to fix their hair/make up.

Then later, omg…during Tiffany’s part in the early beginning-ish, they stopped the song. And like a few seconds later, we heard Seohyun saying, “저 아니에요. 절대로 아니에요 (It wasn’t me. It really wasn’t!)” HAAHA SOOOOO FREAKGEN CUTE >__<;;

Again, during Tiffany’s part, she suddenly stopped. I think Tiffany said “틀렸어요/It’s wrong (probably she sang the lyrics wrong?) And she made that cute face “oh no! I made a mistake” face. So so so so so so cute.

Then later Taeyeon slurred her line a bit. She quickly said “죄송합니다 (I’m sorry),” and they started again.

Finally! A good recording, and they were about to kick us out again when we all were like “한번더 한번더” (one more time, one more time) And hehehe they did it again just for us! ^___^And I could finally see Taeyeon smile for the first time today. She seems to out of it and tired before.

For some reason the set up just for them to sing again was like forever. Much longer than the other times that they had to redo. So Tiffany again was being a dork asked the crowd “어땠어요? How was it?”. Of course everyone screamed “잘했어요” “최고” (You did good! The best) and she practiced her lines again.

Music started again! This time Taeyeon made another mistake >_< and they quickly just restarted it again. And after the song finished, they all waved to us before we all got kicked out again.

Fun day today! ^___^;; The girls are dorks no matter what.

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